Pack A Perfect Picnic Lunch For The Lake

Who doesn’t love a picnic? A picnic lunch by the lake tops it all. You get to enjoy a warm and sunny day savoring nature’s beauty with friends and family. In order to pack a perfect picnic lunch for the lake, however, is planning well. The type of food to take, proper packaging and storage are important details that need to be sorted out to make it the perfect picnic.

Below are some tips to ensure that your picnic is just perfect!

Pack A Perfect Picnic Lunch For The Lake

Pack A Perfect Picnic Lunch For The Lake

1. Type of food to take

When thinking about the type of food to pack for your picnic , it is always better to try and select food that does not need to be preserved or refrigerated for too long.

Because it is going to be a lunch picnic, you will need to pack up snacks, side dishes and the main meal. It is important to know if you choose cold item meals (cold cuts, beverages, mayo) you’ll need to bring a small cooler.

Snacks and side dishes may include thin slices of watermelon, apples and oranges, sliced tomatoes and cucumber and properly packaged beverage of your choice – homemade iced tea, ginger beer or even vodka watermelon – for adults only of course 😉

The main course can be something like a spicy cold chicken sandwich or cold meat medley. If your preference is to snack up, like we do, try creating a collection of snack food for the picnic like oven roasted corn, crackers and cheese or good old chocolates!

Bear in mind however that any meal can make a perfect picnic, the secret is being creative.

2. How to pack it neatly

When packing the food for your picnic, it is important to use a sealable food container or bag with lids, this is so that the food does not spill in the basket and leftovers can be neatly packed back home.

Some of these containers have special spaces within for ice so that foods can be kept fresh while being transported.

Drinks are a must and for this it is better to bottle up the drinks and store in a cooler. This is because when they are bottled, you won’t require the use of cups, so less things to carry (lightweight is key!)

3. How to keep foods warm or cold

It is important to pack a lot of ice in coolers as it ensures your food does not spoil, avoid opening the coolers unnecessarily and place in a shady area to avoid quick melting of ice. Ice cubes can also be added during the picnic to drinks if you choose to use cups.

4. What to bring other than food that can make a perfect picnic for a lake

Some foods require condiments like mustard, ketchup, salt and pepper. Mini bottles or packets of this should be carried.

Picnic blanket (beats eating on the grass), utensils (preferably reusable utensils), lots of napkins (important for personal clean up) and clean up items like trash bags, paper towels, moist towelettes are a must.

And don’t forget to add some fun to your picnic! Bring a board game like Scrabble, a card game like Uno, or our personal favorite, for adults only card game, ‘Cards Against Humanity.’

We hope you’ve now got everything you need to pack a perfect picnic lunch for the lake! What are some things you might bring to a lake side picnic? Let us know in the comments!



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