About Us

Here at BoxYourLunch.com you’ll find a married couple (and a baby) who are passionate about getting food into containers for easy travel, no matter what our destination or adventure. From Ballgames to Picnics, Plane trips and Car trips. We’ve tried everything! We’ll talk about kitchen tools and tricks we’ve used along the way, in hopes to help you discover some things you’ve never seen or tried.

This site has been created to share our tips, show you our favorite food containers, bags and boxes, kitchen tools and hopefully add some ideas for you to add to your lunch box recipe list!

We cover it all. If it’s related to packing a lunch, you’ll find the answers here. We’ll even be reviewing products like lunch boxes, kitchen gadgets and everything food related and making our lives easier!

Please comment on any page you find interesting! Or, if you have your own tips, we’d love to hear them! We answer the comments you leave, every day. Be sure to visit us weekly, for updates and new posts. We hope you love it here!

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